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How much greenhouse gas are you producing ?

For every Litre of fuel you burn you produce a certain amount of CO2 depending on the fuel and engine used, be it is a vehicle or stationary engine. (this figure factors in the CO2 produced during the refining and transportation process).

Try this calculator to see what the weekly and yearly impact on the environment and your pocket is.

(the yearly figure assumes 52 weeks of driving)

Fuel used:

(needed to calculate Carbon Produced)

Fuel cost  

Equivalent Carbon produced

Litres Fuel used:

(4.54609 litres=1 UK-gallon or 3.78541 litres=1 US-gallon)
  per Week:   per Week:
Price per Litre:                                per Year:   per Year:

Other Ways to Reduce Your Emissions: There are also a number of other easy ways with your current vehicle to reduce your fuel consumption, which is the easiest and main way to reduce a vehicle’s GHG emissions. 

These include the following:

  • Drive less – combine trips, car-pool, get on your bike or take public transport.
  • Keep your vehicle maintained – if your vehicle is running correctly, it will use less fuel and be more reliable. This includes keeping your vehicle properly tuned and serviced, checking engine oil and coolants, maintaining recommended tyre pressures (under inflated tyres can increase your fuel bill by up to 8%) Drive smarter - driving smoothly and in higher gears cuts fuel use and GHG emissions.
  • Switching the car off when caught in a traffic jam will save you on fuel and emissions.
  • Windows up, air-conditioning down - air conditioning can increase fuel consumption by 5% to 10% but this is less than driving with an open window above 60kmh.
  • Replace and switch - Consider what you buy today and in the future. Different fuels have different amounts of carbon and energy, with implications for fuel economy and greenhouse emissions.

The table below lists the amount of CO2 emitted from the exhaust for each litre of a particular fuel covered by the calculator.

  • CO2 Tailpipe Emissions/Litre of Fuel Consumed Fuel Type CO2 Emission Petrol 2.4 kg LPG 1.6 kg Diesel 2.7 kg Source: Australian Greenhouse Office website Another key factor to consider if you are upgrading your vehicle is how fuel efficient the vehicle is.
  • This can be determined by the Fuel Consumption Label required to be displayed on the front windscreen of all new vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass sold in Australia, regardless of fuel or body type.
  • This includes passenger cars, four wheel drives and light commercial vehicles.
  • This is an Australian Government initiative to promote consumer demand for vehicles with good fuel efficiency and lower greenhouse impact. The label indicates how many litres of fuel a vehicle will use to travel 100 kilometres and how many grams of carbon dioxide the vehicle would emit for each kilometre. The lower the numbers, the better the vehicle. The fuel consumption and emission figures provided on the labels of all vehicles are listed in the Green Vehicle Guide at © 1999 - 2006 BP p.l.c.
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