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Select the Solar Power Station that Generates the Daily kWh Energy Consumption you require !

DART-4 Unit *Eliminates $250 Month Power Bill.

Harvests 28kWh/p Energy per Day with 700W Panels, or 22kWh/p Daily Energy with 550W Panels.

DART-6 Unit *Eliminates $315 Month Power Bill.

Harvests 42kWh/p Energy per Day with 700W Panels, or 33kWh/p Daily Energy with 550W Panels.

DART-8 Unit *Eliminates $420 Month Power Bill.

Harvests 56kWh/p Energy per Day with 700W Panels, or 44kWh/p Daily Energy with 550W Panels.

Bespoke DART-8-VAWT model has the Option to mount a 1kW~3kWh Wind Turbine above the Solar Racking.

DART-15 Unit *Eliminates $788 Month Power Bill.

Harvests 105kWh/p Energy per Day with 700W Panels, or 82kWh/p Energy with 550W Panels.

An Investment of #$120'000 purchases all the Equipment for 100kW DART Solar Farm

that will Generate a long term income from 100kW Solar Farm!

100kW DART Solar Farm will Generate 1'000kWh/p Energy per Day with 10x DART-15 700W Units.

This is an example of the Return-On-Investment (ROI) of a 100kWh DART Solar Farm.

(#) Excludes Installation Labour that could end up being higher than the equipment cost.

(*) Figures Calculated at $0.30 cents kWh Retail Power Rate, if Energy Storage is installed to cover Power consumed between Solar Sunset & Sunrise, that you won't need to import power !

NOTE: Those contemplating using cave-man Fix Tilted Solar Racking, Peak generation Stops several hours earlier than a DART unit, so commonly cave-man racking requiring double the solar Panels to Generate the same Energy !

Above are the latest state of art DART Solar systems, that most Farmers and Businesses purchase.

The DART-4 Unit commonly Generates over 90% of Daily Energy a residential home Consumes !

Then all you need to become Totally Energy Independent for the next 30years is Energy Storage and a 800W~10kW Generator is all that is needed, the YiY & LUX OFF-Grid & ON-Grid Inverters have an Auto Generator Start (AGS) function, that requires no human intervention to operate, other than making sure the Fuel supply does Not run dry.

NB: In Cold weather a Diesel Generator should Start easily, however a Petrol/Gas Generator without an Automatic Choke may need to be Manually started, Generators can also can be Started Remotely if installed with WiFi/internet connection.

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If you also want Cost on Other equipment, like a Wind Turbine or Bio-Digester Equipment etc., then use this link below, as it tables most of the Equipment & guideline Costs on offer!

This is our Full Equipment Package Deal Enquiry form.

These are guideline Cost that can change anytime.

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Please Note: Those looking to invest in a Solar Farm for a long term income, a 100kW DART Solar Array (Calculator) is the largest Capacity anyone can build, and still be eligible to claim the One-off Government Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) Payment.   The STC's are a Government incentive, and in January 2023 a 100kW Solar Array (Evaluation Form) provides 1'105 STC's, and with a value of $37 each, Calculates to $40'885, that reduces the Return-On-Investment (ROI) to approx. 4 years!

Energy Storage Costs from $200~$950kWh (LAB/SC) depending on the Battery Technology.


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