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Bio-Gas is Methane Generated from Decaying Sewerage/Vegetable/Organic Matter.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Bio-Gas Systems, are available for people wanting to make there mark on the planet!

What is Bio-Gas ?

Biogas is produced when micro-organisms digest organic matter (bio-mass) under anaerobic conditions (in the Absence of oxygen).  This process produces a mixture of gases – primarily methane, some carbon dioxide and small amount of other gases such as hydrogen sulphide.

When the bio-gas is filtered through what is called a Scrubber (Steel Wool packed tightly into a container), it removes the hydrogen sulphide that is  the smelly & corrosive component, after the simple filtering the resulting mixture can then be burned as an energy source for cooking, lighting, heating water or space heating, and obviously as a Clean fuel a Fuel Generator to power your premises, ideally Bio-Gas should be Compressed when used as fuel for generator or vehicles.  On a Commercial scale bio-gas can be drawn directly from the Bio-Gas Bladder and used to generate electricity or refined and fed into the natural gas grid.

The types of organic matter used to produce bio-gas include food waste, animal manure and agricultural by products like grain that has been used to manufacture Ethanol.  Some commercial systems use any additional sewage or organic material waste for local businesses to add to there stockpile to produce and capture bio-gas.

Biogas is a very useful source of renewable energy that is generally piped from a Digester, then through a Scrubber, and then compressed into common LPG bottles, or piped directly to be combusted to produce heat (for steam) or electricity etc.

Digested waste from the bio-gas production process has a high nutrient content, so it can be used as rich liquid fertiliser for your garden - as long as it is free of pathogens or toxins - or it can be simply composted.

What is the difference between Methane and Bio-Gas?

Biogas is a mixture of methane, CO2 and small quantities of other gases produced by anaerobic digestion of organic matter in an oxygen-free environment.

Why Methane is called Bio-Gas?

Biogas is an energy-rich gas produced by anaerobic decomposition or thermochemical conversion of biomass. Biogas is composed mostly of methane (CH4), the same compound in natural gas, and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Who can Make Bio-Gas ?

Any handy person, can assemble a residential or semi-commercial Bio-Digester, what is needed is a supply of Waste Vegetable/Organic matter, ideally Black water from your Sewerage and Water from several sources for initial priming.

What does a Bio-Digester System Cost ? 

A basic Residential Bio-Digester System will start from $1'500~$3'500 with Pumps & additional Equipment, See our Bio-Gas Equipment Costs.

If you are looking to power your home on BioGas, there are two main ways to do this, the best & most reliable way is to Compress the BioGas into LPG BBQ tanks as Bio-gas fills the bio-gas bladder, done by simply drawing the bio-gas directly from the digester bag via an Air compressor, then the Bio-Gas can be used exactly like "LPG", using the same pressure of a Gas BBQ Regulator for decanting for cooking, heating and operating a generator to power your premises, all whilst charging your battery bank at the same time.

Smart Australian Bureaucrats should be Mandating our Government to impalement the Capture of Bio-Gas (Methane) at ALL Town Sewerage Treatment plants, being the First Point of Filtration, before Aerating in settling ponds & releasing the Methane into the Atmosphere, unfortunately most large Coastal City’s & Towns simply Filterer the Sewage & Pump out to Sea, where the Methane still rises & vents into the Atmosphere !

One Australian company 1414° degrees is treating & processing Adelaide raw Sewerage, Adelaide is benefiting by being the first to installing a 10MW GAS powered Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS) that provides all the Sewerage Plants Power, with the abundant Latent energy charging the TESS unit providing Free 24/7 Power, and a Charged TESS Module is a Power Plant that can load shift & sell there power for a better fee-in-rate during Peak demand times.

Rural people are slowly becoming aware they can install there own Bio-Digester, and process Sewerage & other Organic Waste and produce there own Bio-Gas, that in turn be use for Cooking, Heating, Lighting & Power Generation etc...

Existing Residential Chemically treated Sewerage plants can be retro-fitted with a Bio-Digester, and the Bi-product of a Bio-Digester is a Rich Liquid Organic Fertiliser that is safe to used on your Garden or Trees.

Commercial premises like Hotels & Industrial Farms can become Energy Independent if processing large quantities of Organic waste, Commercial Bio-Digesters are available in Pre-assembled Shipping Container(s), these can be stacked as desired, as shown here.

EVERY Sewerage Plant in Australia should be adopting this technology, even if connected to the town sewer.  Home-produced bio-gas is an extremely promising and productive technology whose time has come.  In fact, we believe it could provoke a domestic & commercial green energy revolution, if only we let it.

The war on Climate Cycling can be greatly reduced by stopping all Methane being released into the atmosphere from Organic, Animal & Human waste, as all contribute to Climate Cycling!

The good news is, the release of Methane can be instantly solved by installing a Bio-Gas Digester, these units are made for Residential and large Commercial applications.

The smallest Bio-Gas units 1.2m3 only requires an area of flat ground 98cm x 98cm x 114cm heigh, more suited for a small tiny home, the 3.4m3 Bio-Gas unit (156x120x195cm) is more suited to larger Residence or semi-commercial Kitchens.

Another Untapped source would be Black Water Dumps usually installed at Caravan Parks, and Town Showgrounds that Caravan & Motorhomes use to Dump there Black Water, the Digester size can vary from Small to larger Commercial units, obviously Compressing & Selling the Clean & Green Bio-Gas would be the profitable with a secondary Rich Fertiliser being Sold, this was demonstrated on Landline recently !

Residential units are very affordable, and come in a flat-pack kit, with everything you need to get it operational, bar the Vegetable/Biomass and initial water to prime the unit.

Is BioGas Energy available for City Dwellers as well as Rural ?

The short answer is YES !


The unseen & unspoken Pollution release of Methane (Natural Bio-Gas) from ALL Australian Town's & Coastal City's Sewerage Plants, as they both Only filter out the debris, leaving what is called Black Water (mentioned above) that is simply Pumped out to Sea, where the Organic material still Breaks down and releases Methane into the Atmosphere, what a Waste of a Naturally Resource !

Other Coastal Sewerage plants also pump the filtered Sewerage waste Out to Sea.

Inland Sewerage Plants Pump there Black Water into evaporation ponds, Both the above Release the Methane into the Atmosphere !

Adelaide City Sewerage Treatment Plant along with the Australian company 1414°, is apparently one of the only City Sewerage Plants Capturing the Methane & using it to Generating Power on a commercial scale.


Install a Bio-Digesters and Capture this FREE, Clean, Green Bio-Gas (Methane), to use for Cooking, Heating or for Generator Power, whether it be for your premises or commercial applications, this can be your/our contribution to Global Cooling !

Even if you are on Town Sewer or have an existing stand alone Septic System, you can actually install a Bio-digester system before it enters into your existing System, then you can Generate your own Bio-Gas, and decanter your Black Water into the Town Sewer or into your tanks to storage a Rich Methane Free Liquid Fertiliser, to feed your trees, garden & plants etc.

Bio-Gas Digesters are at the forefront of advancing technology to ensure the future sustainability of the earth's resources, whilst reducing Methane emissions for global stability.

So, if you are concerned about what we call Climate Cycling, incorrectly call Climate Change, that has reoccurred over millions of years, from Meteor Strikes & the likes of Pompeii Volcanic eruptions.

Currently the Drought & Floods that Australia and the World is experiencing, the benefits of bio-gas are obvious, not to mention the looming fossil fuel energy decline.

BioGas is a renewable energy source with zero net greenhouse emissions, and yet its potential has largely gone untapped, at least in the so-called developed world!

The Australian Brain Dead Political Urban Greenies (human sheep) and others, that are wanting to Stop Natural Gas Exploration, need to pull there head out, and get Off there so-called Smart Phones, and actually research & understand that just one Natural Gas Reserve in Australia, has Over 2'000 years of Natural Gas, and Natural Gas is the Cleanest Natural reserve of Energy, many people confuse and don't know the difference between Liquid Petroleum Gas (NG) & Natural Gas (NG), where CNG is Compressed Natural Gas.

Not leaving out the "Self Serving Politicians" that have Sold our Gas Infrastructure, and are still selling our Natural Gas Resources to Overseas companies, Australia should be utilising our own resources !


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