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After payment has cleared, Australian Micro Power Grids (here after called 'the company' or 'we') policy is to process your order within two business days.

If your order need to be imported via a Courier allow 5~15 working days to arrive.

If your order is stocked by our manufacturers and is to be Sea-freighted, allow 2~3 weeks for order to arrive at the Port nearest, once it's loaded onto the Ship.

However, if your order need to be manufactured, a product run can delay freighting for 2~4+ weeks, depending on the product.

Once an order arrives, we offer FREE collection from Customs Clearance Depots or we can or you can arrange the Freight delivery.  

IMPORTED order generally take 15~30 days to arrive at the nearest Sea Port to your location, and can either be collected by the customer or on-forwarded to you via a freight company, or as agreed prior to ordering.

When we import Australian order(s), our prices include Freight too an Australian Port, AQUIS, Customs clearance, GST and Broker charges/fees, and if Order is Not being collected from the Customs Clearance Depot, Freight forwarded charges may have been included to deliver to your address, we use the Cheapest freight service based on shipment size, weight and location.

Once your Order Clears Customs, items will only be available to Collect or be Freighted during normal business hours (9am-5pm) weekdays. Deliveries are Not available on weekends, public holidays or after business hours, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Where small & lightweight goods are sent through Australia Post, the buyer may receive a knock on the door or a card in their letterbox indicating their item is available for pickup from their local post office, where a signature is sometimes required for collection.

Customers will be able to trace there National Freight deliveries online with a unique tracking number.

  • A re-delivery fee will be charged for items that are undeliverable and/or returned due to incorrect delivery address or unsuccessful delivery.
  • Be aware that PO Boxes cannot receive items above 25kg or longer than one metre.
  • Customers are fully responsibility to provide us with the correct delivery address and contact phone number on the checkout page before payment.
  • Any changes to delivery address after Booking will Not be considered as valid, and may incur additional delivery Charges.
  • The courier will require your to unloading from there vehicle for items over 25kg. Our couriers only deliver to the property entrance!
  • We cannot guarantee door to door delivery for every customer.
  • Buyers in remote areas such as farms, islands, mining camps, small towns, or out-of-towners, etc. may need to collect from the nearest freight depot.


All Solar Panels have a 10 year manufacturer warranty and 20~30 year 80% efficiency guarantee, Energy Storage have 3~10 year warranty based on the type, and 12 month warranty on all other products used for private use from the date of purchase. Other than Solar panels, the use of products for commercial purposes, qualifies the purchaser to a 6 month warranty period, depending on the equipment.

Our Nickel Iron (NiFe) Battery Manufacturer's has over 65 years military quality, the warranty is 8 years from the manufacturing date.

Lithium Iron (LiFePo4) Battery Manufactures provides a 3 year warranty or up to 6'000 Cycle life depending on the brand.

Graphene Dry-cell Super Capacitors (SC) energy storage Modules have a 30'000~50'000 cycle life depending on the manufacturer & type.

Warranty cover does not include damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, misuse, lack of maintenance, neglect, natural disaster, excess heat or other external causes, and damage caused by operating the equipment in a manner outside that described in the instructions.

Warranty is considered void if the item has been modified, altered or tampered with by a person (or persons) not authorised by The Company to provide service (not including standard periodic maintenance).

Consumable components (and accessories) such as batteries, wiring, cables, hoses, belts, chains, rubber mounts etc. are not covered once used incorrectly or for damage caused by general wear and tear or used outside of recommended usage.

Until the nature of any fault is determined, the resolution we can offer may vary. To assist with a quick resolution, a detailed explanation and photos will generally be required to be emailed. Once the fault/issue is clarified, we may offer replacement parts to the customer. Where necessary, the item may need to be returned to repair the fault/issue. Free return freight is available for the first 60 days following purchase, beyond this, the buyer is responsible for returning the goods for repair (see RETURNS for more info). Once the fault/issue is clarified, we may fit replacement parts or offer replacement parts to the customer. Other alternatives may be offered to the satisfaction of both parties. In cases where the unit is to be returned to the buyer following repair or replacement, it will be shipped at no cost to the customer. The replacement/repaired product will be subject to the remainder of the original Warranty Period.

Should you wish to claim a warranty on your item, please follow the process outlined in the Return section.


Customers are entitled to return an item if there is a confirmed problem that does not include the incompetence or the inability of persons to assemble or install equipment without Damaging the equipment.

Customers are responsible for returning equipment in an undamaged state, small item can be posted or easily returned, i.e. dropped off.  For items collected from our warehousing or customs clearance Depot, it is the buyers responsibility to return the item for a warranty claim (exceptions apply).

Customers may be entitled to recover reasonable postage or transportation costs if a product is confirmed to have a fault that is eligible for a warranty claim, however a receipt or proof of postage cost will be required. If the product is found Not to have a problem, you may be required to pay the inspection cost and return transport cost (Estimates will be advised).

A customer has 7 days after receiving item(s) to table & provide details of any Damage goods, that may allowing the return or replacement of the item(s) at no cost to the customer (where freight costs apply).

Prior to returning any item, we must first issue you a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number. All other relevant information will be sent to you at this time.  Returns are accepted in line with our warranty conditions.

Should you wish to return a said faulty item, Photos or Video of the item will initially be requested to assist in the return process.

When a return is authorised is provided, it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the product is packaged securely to prevent any damage during the return process. Failure to do so may affect the ultimate resolution to be offered, which may include repairs, replacement items or credit at our discretion.

If a product is nu-usable upon receiving it or there is a major fault, the customer may choose between a full refund via the original payment method or a replacement product. Refunds may take up to 60 business days, depending on stock to be processed. In cases where a replacement product is to be imported from the manufacturers, the replacement may first need to be shipped back to the factory at no cost to the customer, unless it is found to be Not faulty.

If the item is required to be returned, the outcome of the inspection should take no longer than 14 business days from the date the item is received by our service department (times may vary).

Where spare parts are not stocked in Australia, we would have to ship certain parts from the manufacturer for direct delivery to customers address. Whilst most non bulky and lightweight parts ordered can arrive within 7~14 days, a small number of difficult to order parts may require up to 4~8 weeks to arrive.


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