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Solar Module Types

Many people would not be aware that Australian Professor Martin Green invented the PERC technology in 1983 and over the next two decades perfected it with his team at UNSW (University of NSW). PERC technology is now used in more than 90% of the world's Solar Panels manufactured today, was proudly invented in Australia.

PLEASE NOTE: We only purchase High Quality Solar modules from companies that manufacture there own solar Cells !

Solar Modules are made up from multiple Solar Cells that vary in size depending on the Cell type, like half-cut cells will have double the cells per panel, Bi-facial Panels are Great for Capturing up to an additional 20% more Energy from background Radiation, where the Rear of the Panel is Raised above the Mounted Surface, like in DART units or Fixed Tilted Panels that are set above the Roof profile.

In 2024 we only sell Solar Panels from 500W~700W, our panels are designed to increase energy generated in low light conditions and partly shaded panels.

Solar Panel with Shingled Cells are the latest & greatest Cell technology.

The latest advancement in solar cell technology is OVERLAP TECHNOLOGY called Shingled cells, which uses overlapping thin cell strips assembled either horizontally or vertically across the panel. Shingled cell are made by laser cutting a normal full size cell into 5 or 6 strips and layering them in a shingle configuration using rear side connection adhesive. The slight overlap of each cell strip, hides a single bus-bar which interconnects the cell strips. This unique design covers more of the panel surface area, as it doesn't require front side bus-bar connections that partially shade the cell, thus increasing the panel efficiency much like IBC (Interrogated Back Contact) cells.

Another benefit is that the long shingled cells are usually connected in parallel which greatly reduces the effects of shading with each long cell effectively working independently. Also shingled cells are relatively cheap to manufacture so they can be a very cost effective high performance option, especially if partial shading is an issue.

High quality Solar modules all come with 10year Warranty and performance Guarantee that vary between 25~30 years.

Download: 700W Panel Specification



700W, Bluesun, Bi-facial, Double glazed, Shingled Monocrystalline module.


Front side of 700W Solar Panel.

Size 240cm x 131cm,

Weigh: Double Glazed 38kg each.


Rear side of 700W Solar Panel.

Size 240cm x 131cm

Also: 555W Jinko Panel Specification


Also: 500W Bluesun Panel Specification


500W Bluesun Singled cell Monocrystalline module.


Rear of 500W Shingled Panel.


Shingled Cells are laser cut.


How Half-Cut Modules are Wired.


Half-Cut Panel Shading Technology.


How PERC Technology works.



500W, 96 cell, 5BB Monocrystalline modules.


500W, 96 cell module specks.

992mm x 1310mm x 45mm.

  500W, 96 cell back view.

Anything lower that 500W we considered as Old Solar Panel Technology !

Most panels will work and provide Free Energy each Day for 20~30 years, so don't Panic as It's all Organic.



445W, 120 cell, 6BB, 330W, Half Cut Monocrystalline module.


445W, 144 cell, 12BB, 440W, Half Cut Monocrystalline module.


Half Cut Panels have centred Junction Boxes.

Click Here to see other Flexible, Double Glass and other Special solar modules you can order.

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