AMAYSIM is a Telecommunication company that many Travellers & Backpackers have used for decades, all due to there Great Mobile phone plans !

We've been with Amaysim Mobile for over 12 years now, and during this time we have saved thousand dollars on calls, mobile phones makes the copper wire network obsolete.

Do yourself a favour and take a close look at Amaysim Phone & Data plans, plans start from $10 month for Unlimited National Landlines, Texts & Mobile to Mobile calls;

Go See Amaysim Mobile Plans & Special Deals !

If you want more Data there are several plans, and Data is Banked if you don't use it during each bill.

if you rarely use your Mobile phone, there is a "Pay as You Go" Plan and you will only be billed when your calls amount to more than $10.

Amaysim is underpinned by Optus 4G/5G network, we have found the network is better than nearly all other Telco companies.


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