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Mobile Dual Axis-solar Radiation Tracker (DART)

A Mobile Solar Power Station is ideal for Renters or people that just want a Power Station that can be Towed, Parked & Plugged in, and there is enough room in a standard Box Trailer to fit a 4.5kW Silenced Generator to provide 24/7 Power security !

This Prototype is now welded into an old Box Trailer, and is currently in the process of being Transformed into a Three solar panel wide stance DART-3 unit, when finished will hold either 3x 500W solar panels (1.50kW), and be , currently we are manufacturing 4 bespoke hinges so the two outside Solar Panels Fold-in on top of each other for transporting.

This prototype is currently operating on a 51.2V, 5kWh VOLTX LiFePo4 Battery (not shown) & 4x 12.8V (51.2V) 110Ah LAB connected in Parallel, 240V Power is supplied by a 5kW LUX Single Phase Inverter that is mounted vertically in the Weather proof Housing.

NB: Single Phase Power is 3'600W, 15A rating, this equates 240V x 15A = 3'600W (3.60kW), so this inverter will easily supply Full Power to any single phase Australian Home or business.

Then all that is needed is a 15A Caravan lead to connect directly into the Main Power box, this is called a Behind the Meter System, this is exactly what all Solar & Battery Systems are, before being connected into the State Grid if it's there.

You can legally connect this Power Station to a Premises using a 15A Wall Plug, if you want to Export Power into the State Grid, you need to do this Legally by using an ON-Grid inverter with Anti-Islanding function, in other words, an Inverter is NOT allowed to Export Power into the State Grid unless it has Anti-Islanding, as if the State Grid has an outage, Workers repairing the lines miles down the road can be Electrocuted by Voltage been illegally Exported !

If interested in Trailer mounted DART Solar Power Station, Fill in this Form.

To Purchase a Mobile Solar Generator & DART Unit, Order Here.

Below images are the prototype of our first Mobile Trailer mounted DART-3;

Dual Axis Slew Drive.

This Free standing Foundation Chassis & Base plate, was originally designed for Ground mounted unit, and is now retro-fitted into a Box Trailer and Welded in place with 4 steel brackets.


Solar Panels Folded into test the Transport position.


Racking unfolded with Mast still lowered into the Transport position.


Three Solar Panel unfolded & Generating Energy.


Side view with the Panels opened still in the Transport position.


Showing the 5kW Inverter installed in the Weather Proof Housing.


Outrigger Legs to Stabilise the Trailer once positioned.

    Dual Axis Slew Drive.

This will be our New Solar Panel Racking Design, where the panels Slide out & lock in Place.


Old demo Mobile DART using 200W Panels & one LAB.


This DART used inferior 12v Linear Actuators.

Dual Axis Slew Drive.     Dual Axis Slew Drive.

Example of a simple Trailer Frame that can be used to mount a DART unit.


The 240V, 15A Plug used to connect Single Phase Power into a Home or Premises.


Polish DART Controller Module uses Automotive MOSFETS.

What Hight are the solar panels in the Stow Position ?

As this DART unit is mounted onto a box trailer the Panels in the Night or High Wind Stow Position (Horizontal) can be manufactured between 200cm~300cm above the ground.

This Mobile DART units can be manufactured higher to compensate for the surrounding Shading from Trees, Buildings &/or Terrain, but this will make the installation more unstable in Very Gusty Winds during the 2~3 minutes it takes the Racking is automatically Stow Horizontal position.


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