Existing Solar Return On Investment (RIO) Calculator:

 How long will it take to Pay for a Battery Bank using your Existing Solar array ?

 To calculate that, enter your Solar Array Size, Racking Type to the Nearest City latitude.

 Use your most expensive power bill and Adjust the Equipment to see the investment payback time!

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If you allready have a Solar Array

(USE THIS Calculator)

Micro Power Grid & Equipment Pay-Back Calculator. 

 Enter your Energy Consumption & the Retail Rate; (kWh Rate needed to calculate savings, based on Self Consumption)

Peak-Energy & Rate ? 
Shoulder-Energy & Rate ? 
Off-Peak-Energy & Rate ? 
 Retailer Daily Supply Charge ? 
$  =  $Quarterly Grid Supply Charge.   
State Grid Electricity COST: 
                excludes GST.

 Calculate your Equipment & Generation Cost; (#Below equipment costs were set @$0.65 exchange rate)

# Solar Hybrid Inverter ? 

 NB: Solar ONLY Inverters DO NOT charge Batteries!

# Using Existing Solar Array ? 

 This calculator Excludes Solar Panel Costs !

# Select Your Solar Racking Type ? 

 Solar Harvesting.

 # Dual Axis-solar Tracking Unit ? 

# Battery Storage ? 

# Super Capacity Battery ? 


# Back-up Diesel Generator ? 

Cost of Wind Mill ? 

$   Wind Power Generated:  kW (Day)     kW Wind Power (Year) 

Cost of Aqua Generator ? 

$   Aqua Power Generated:  kW (Day)     kW Aqua Power (Year) 

 System Energy Generated & Energy Storage Results;

 Peak Solar Energy Generated:

 kWh Day    $

Battery Energy Storage:

 kWh Stored Battery Power.   

 Gen-Set Power Generated:

       kW (Day)    kW (Year)     litres (Day)   $Day  

 Micro Power Grid Results;





*TOTAL System EXCESS Energy:

kWh Year     $

 Excess Energy field MUST be Positive, if not, increase Solar or other Energy production, more Energy production reduces the break-even period quicker !

 *Enter the Energy you could sell via P2P Energy Trading:

 kWh Year     $

In the Red P2P field above, Enter no more than is in the System Excess Energy field, this will deduct the kWh from System Excess Energy field.

 NB: You must have Battery Storage, to be able to On-sell energy to a Bespoke Retailer !

TOTAL System Cost: $ Calculate Equipment cost at Exchange rate!
Total Yearly Power Production Cost: $ NB: Energy storage is required to Self-consume all your generated energy.
Payback Time:  Before profit, includes System cost, less any Rebates, Credits & Fuel cost.
TOTAL Yearly Savings/Income: $ After the break-even period, includes Solar savings, Feed-in and Harvest Credits.

Will your electricity savings pay for Financing your Micro Power Grid ?

YES, if you add a year to the 'PayBack time' and $1'000 for installation, your Monthly repayment should be less then your Power bill !

The larger your Energy storage the more secure and less chance of you having a black-out.

# Approx. product costs to become totally independent of the state grid.

* Only if more power is generated than consumed, this calculator will reduce your Payback Time further !

If you want to calculate your Battery system Amp-hour (Ah) into Kilowatt Hour (kWh) Electrical Click Here.


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