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Solar Panel Micro-inverters -v- Energy Optimisers

Do we really need Solar Panel Optimisers or Micro-inverters ?

Both modules were designed to improve the energy Generated where there is Shading on mainly Roof Top Solar Panels, and apply as follows;

Micro-inverters: If you could have every single panel shaded except for just 1, and that 1 panel will still keep Generating its full power completely unaffected by all the other shaded panels.

Optimisers: On the other hand work well when some of the panels are shaded, but in order to continue functioning, they always need at least 6 panels to be receiving sunlight… If most of the array is shaded, and there are only 4 or 5 panels left receiving sunlight, these optimised systems will not function.

Using an inverter with optimisers behind every panel, or even using a string inverter, optimisers behind every panel, still have a weakness when compared to Micro inverters.

For moderate to partial shading Optimisers are recommended, but if you roof is subject to even heavier shading at times, Micro inverters are the better choice long term.

Although, with the introduction of the latest Half-cut cell & Shingled-cell Solar Panel Technology, we feel Purchasing Optimisers or Micro-inverters is a Waste of money & resources, as we feel that money would be better spent/invested in Purchasing Energy Storage !

Currently LiFePO4 Battery Technology cost a tad under $400 per kWh to Purchase outright !
So, say if either an Optimisers or Micro-inverters Cost around $150 each.  So 20 cost approx.$3'000.00 just to assist in generate a little extra Energy form what we call "Cave-man Roof-top Solar", commonly both Optimisers or Micro-inverters are sold to anally retaliative customer that simply have a desire to see Data on a Screen via the WiFi Feature, just so that a customer can see how each Panel is preforming!

The MPPT on your inverter, also increases the usable energy, in low light conditions!
However, people want to see data that shows each Panels function that these modules are mainly sold for, if panels fail it will be shown on Generation DATA anyway.

Other than the extra energy generated, Optimisers or Micro-inverters are Not really Required, it is actually Cheaper to install additional Panels for the Cost.

Be Smart & invest in Energy Storage, it's the last step to become Total Energy Independent !


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