Can a Solar Systems Work During Blackouts ?

YES, the main ways this can happen is;

  1. We first recommend using a Hybrid Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Inverter;

    These Require energy storage to operate as UPS.  With Energy Storage and a UPS Inverter, it allows your home or premises to work Uninterrupted during State Grid Blackouts, or until the Energy storage is depleted !   

    A smart system owner should have a small Silenced (3.5kWh, 58dB, $900 Gen-Set) Generator that Automatically Starts when the "Batteries" get to a set level, as programmed.

  2. If you have a Solar Only Inverter Installed;

    You will need to purchase a Charge Controller to operate like a UPS Inverter, and be able to operated your system as an Island, adding an additional standard Grid-tied Inverter provides Anti-Islanding Safety required by law.

Blackout is commonly a word associated with premisses connected to the State Grid for there Main power supply or as Back-up Power supply.

An inverter with UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) feature, within a few micro seconds allows the Batteries to supply the main energy needed.

If you purchase a Hybrid inverter that operate as what is called islanding, that is acting as a traditional inverter with the one exception, it can "Island" (operate) during a power cuts, and delivering energy to your key loads, providing your solar array is generating enough electricity. This can happen without batteries installed.

An islanding inverter can be used until the home owner is ready to add batteries. Using the battery bypass mode you can still deliver energy to the key circuits in the event of a power failure with the "Islanding" feature. Islanding without a battery simply requires the PV to be generating enough energy.

Fixed Solar Panel Systems, eg. without solar tracking will only be able to harvest enough energy during the 4~5 hours of Peak Energy Generation, this is when the Sun is perpendicular to the solar panels, all based on your latitude location.

Peak Solar Panel Harvesting is when the sun is approx. -15°~+15° either side of the Sun being perpendicular (facing directly) to the solar panel surface, this is the period where the flow of power coming from your solar panels is at it's highest and this changes regularly, according to the amount of sunlight reaching the panels, especially if there is Cloud cover.

Simply put, being State Grid connected is the same as having Battery storage, as when more power is required than is being generated, either the Batteries or State Grid will supply the additional power required, this is commonly what happens 24/7 when Starting appliances like a water heater or ovens etc.

A small $900, 3.5kW silenced Generator is all that is needed to replace the State Grid supply !


(For more information See page on Anti-Islanding)



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