True Independent Micro Power Grids

We are attempting to educate one person at a time, that it only takes from 2~6 years to become Truly Power Independent !

Simple Facts you should understand;

  1. If you already have Solar installed, you are a true leader, BUT unless you invest in Battery storage you will remain ENSLAVED to accepting what the deceptive electricity retailers charge for power after Sunset, commonly over 300% more than any rebate !
  2. Payback Calculator.Solar Panels: We don't offer 270W solar panels, we only offer 350W or better solar panels, 350W panels will harvest 30% more power for the next 20+ years! 13x270W=3.5kW -v- 10x350W=3.5kW is the same array, 350W panels have a 10% smaller Footprint per kW.
  3. Solar Rebates: Now the state grid feed-in Tariff is only 6~9cents kWh, You are SEROUSLY way better off storing and self consuming your own power, than paying Retailers over 300% more for Power after sunset, batteries are the Key to Independent Power !
  4. That is why Battery storage & Hybrid Inverters system are becoming so popular !
    • If You purchase Batteries storage Equal to your Daily Power Consumption, it allows you to Store & self consume your Solar energy after sunset, instead of exporting it into the state grid for a 6~9cents Rebate, allowing you to save 28cents kWh by consuming your own Power after Sunset & through to the next Sunrise!
    • A Hybrid Inverter controls every aspect of the Power management System: These Inverters allows several power management options, allowing you to select where power is drawn from & when it is needed.  Traditionally if you drain your Battery bank after sun-set, the inverter will be set to either Automatically Generator Starting (AGS) or if On-Grid, select to Import State grid power as the third fail safe option, before Black-Out situation.

Once A Micro Power Grid is installed, it will instantly start generating savings, by not needing to Import power from the price gouging Electricity Retailers, that do NOT actually supply or pay for the electricity you consume, and make over 45% profit on your power bill, and ONLY compete to provide you with a bill.

Think of your Micro Grid as Self-funded investment that pays for its self in 6years, with NO ongoing Power Costs!

Totally Off-Grid systems don't really have a break even time frame, they only have a "Cost to purchase, Install & maintain", use this page to calculate your total system cost, if you know your kW usage against the current "Retail Electricity Rates", the calculator will give you a benchmark break-even time frame, based on power Savings, then with equal predicted ongoing Savings based on equipment life cycle.

If you plan Nothing, you will succeed at Nothing !

We look forward to you reading the information on our site and hearing from you when you are ready to order !